Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights’ immaculate brownstones and well-tended trees lend it an air of stately regality. Although this neighborhood’s fine establishments cater to those with classic tastes, you don’t have to be an expert sommelier or studied connoisseur to enjoy Brooklyn Heights’ rustic architecture, waterfront real estate, and breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline.

The elegant townhouses that line the Brooklyn Promenade are some of the most coveted homes for sale in Brooklyn Heights. These 19th-Century mansions were built to take advantage of Brooklyn Heights’ sweeping views of the water and the Manhattan skyline, and these townhouses can have details like multiple fireplaces, libraries, and even the occasional elevator. The Promenade itself is the gem of Brooklyn Heights, a half-mile long waterfront esplanade that draws visitors all year round. With panoramic views of Manhattan and yet an easy commute in, Brooklyn Heights is the perfect marriage of convenience and beauty.

But the charm of Brooklyn Heights is that beautiful, tree-lined streets are everywhere. Many sport historic brownstones which have been converted into small co-ops with original Greek Revival details. Everything you need — from dog runs to banks to grocery stores — is here in Brooklyn Heights. If you’re an adventurous diner, check out Henry’s End, which has a Wild Game Festival which features dishes like “BBQ Rattlesnake Salad” and “Antelope Au Poivre” or if you’re in the mood for a neighborhood tavern with world class cuisine visit Jack The Horse Tavern on Cranberry Street.